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Teachers Training

Teaching this work is a path of mastery (the ability to physically embody the 5Rhythms), integrity (proper training and preparation to facilitate this healing practice) and humility (knowing that teaching is but a lifetime commitment to being a student).

This training is a profound initiation in preparation to lead people in the 5Rhythms practice. It's an intensive, year-long process that includes 3 training modules with Gabrielle and faculty, as well as interim projects and community service.


A deep exploration of the healing power of the Wave will be the continuous pulse that beats throughout the year of training. Each module will also have a specific focus designed to prepare you to teach this practice.



Teaching this work is a demanding mistress: only the passionate need apply! Beside the obvious investment of time and money to become a teacher, the training journey can be a wild ride through ecstatic trance, painful ego cramps, amazing international community, palm-sweating self doubts, blessed mistakes and deep service. If the list makes you groan, we urge you to take another breath, and consider whether teaching is truly your path. It’s important to know the difference between love of the work and a true calling to hold the space for others. The calling you hear might be simply to dive into the work as deeply and as often as possible. Listen carefully – only you know.

The path to becoming a teacher is, by nature, a feminine path. A list of required workshop experience is, by nature, a linear expression of this path. The prerequisites were articulated to help people understand the absolute minimum level of experience that, if done with complete and utter surrender, could potentially prepare one to train as a teacher. It is not a list of workshops to be checked off and then assume one is ready. One could attend all the required workshops and be no more prepared than when they started.

Preparing oneself to teach this work is a serious matter, and each prerequisite itself exists for specific reasons:


On this path, we encourage you to work with one or two primary teachers, as well as expose yourself to the work of other teachers. You will learn different things from each of them, and breathe in different ways of being in the body and being a teacher. To teach, you need to be yourself. In this tribe, we respect and prize difference. Having many teachers helps you let go of any single image of a teacher – which will hopefully free you to find your own individual style.

It is also essential that you find your way to studying with Gabrielle as much as possible before you apply for training. Having a relationship with Gabrielle helps you understand the work you’re undertaking, and helps her to see and know you before the teaching journey begins.


When you move deeply, any corner of your psyche can be swept into motion onto the dance floor. This training requires that you have had as much opportunity as possible for this to happen. You need to have experienced the struggle between movement and paralysis, between resistance and surrender. You need to have discovered how it is to let go and have the dance hold all of your breaking heart, all of your joy and jubilation. And this takes time. This requires that you show up again and again, year after year, in all states and stages of your journey. If you have not moved in these realms yourself, how can you hope to help others when they hit these crucial moments?


Yes, you need to know your own heart. You need to know the movement of its energy. What happens when your students get angry at each other, or at you? What happens when your students get stuck in fear or paralyzed with grief? Your own heart will need to be fluid, to have space and motion in it. While you are not going to teach Heartbeat material, your heart must always be there in the room, present and available. Students will always find a way to mirror back to us exactly where our own hearts are still stuck or closed, and of course, those places where our hearts are open and full.


And what happens when the student who is angry with you reminds you of your mother? Or a student is grieving the death of their own father and you haven’t spoken to yours for 10 years? What about the elder approaching their own death cycle who shows up in a room full of 20-somethings who can dance all night? The work of knowing and understanding the life cycles is crucial. They will come right up in front of you as you witness your students, and you must know how to recognize and honor them.


There are few more efficient ways than teaching to bring up the monsters of your own ego. And in order for this work to be led by the soul, it is essential that it be delivered by those who have done enough work to know their own ego characters, to know when they are triggered, to know the many sneaky yet predictable moves these characters will make. It is not required that you be ego-less (impossible) or completely healed (unlikely) to do the training. It is, however, essential that you do the Mirrors work again and again until you are familiar enough with the movement of your own ego to know when it’s in the room or trying to teach the class.
To be a 5Rhythms teacher is to be a real, vulnerable, full-blooded human being who has moved enough of their own baggage to accompany others on their journeys.

The prerequisites are not there as barriers for you to get through or leap over. They are not there to be rushed through as quickly as you can. They are there to slow you down enough to see where you are and where you’re going, to prepare you for teaching as deeply and fully as possible by entering your own journey through the dance.


The following are the minimum number of hours needed to apply. In most cases preference will be given to those who have spent the longest time practicing.

  • WAVES: at least 400 hours studying with qualified teachers of the 5Rhythms®.

  • HEARTBEAT: a minimum of 15 days of study

  • CYCLES: a minimum of 15 days of Cycles study

  • MIRRORS: A minimum of 10 days of Mirrors study, and preferably more.

  • A minimum of 2 years studying this practice.


A complete list of trained teachers around the world whose classes and workshops can be used for your preparation study is included on this site.


Write to our office at info@movingcenterschool.com for a full application packet.

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Gabrielle Roth er moderen til rytmerne og har skrevet 3 gode og humoristiske  bøger om de 5 rytmer,  hendes eget liv og  bevægelse som spirituel praksis.

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The 5 Threads of Intuitive Wisdom

Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher
ISBN: 1585423270

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